The Telecommunications Sector represents a rapidly changing landscape. Telecommunication industry's cultural, business and technology dynamics have created customer navigation challenges. We Connect You delivers clarity to you by blending tier one provider solutions with a customer service oriented sales and support team.

Services and Products

   Services provided:                        Products Provided:

Consultative solutions               End to end solutions for VoIP
Contract negoitations                Digital T-1 & PRI, Integrated & Dynamic
Bill analysis/review                   Frame Relay/ATM
Maintenance Contracts              Point to Point and MPLS
Provisioning/implenentation       Internet Access
Proactive account management   Local/long Distance Voice services
One point of contact                  Audio Conferencing/Web Conferencing
Billing Resolution                      Conference Calling
Service escalation                     Web hosting/Storage/Collocation

Voice and Data Cabling
Horizontal Station Cabling
Pathway Installation (Cable tray, J-hooks and Fire Rated Penetrations)
UTP Cable installation (Category 3, 5e, 6 and 6e)
STP Cable Installation (Category 3, 5e 6 and 6e)
Coaxial Cabling (RG-6, RG-58 and RG-11)
Closet terminations (Flat and Angled Patch Panels, 110, S210, BIX and  Krone Wiring blocks)
Station Terminations ( Jack Modules - Category 3, 5e, 6 and 6e)
Cable Testing and Labeling

Copper Backbone Cabling
Pathway Installation (Cable tray, J-hooks and Fire Rated Penetrations)
Multi-pair Cable Installation (25 Pair to 1,800 pair)
Cable Terminations (66 block, 110, BIX, and Krone Wiring Blocks)
Splicing (Straight and Half-Tapped)
Cable Testing for Shorts, Opens and Grounds
Cable Labeling

Telephone and Voice Mail Systems
We Connect You is strategically partnered with the best Telephone and Voice Mail System providers in the industry. Our partners will provide you with today's leading technology from top notched system manufactures. Some of these manufactures include LG-Nortel PBX and VoIP, NEC, Lucent/Avaya, Cisco, ESI and many others. We are here for you 27 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing "Best in Class Customer Service". No matter how small or large your needs are, We Connect You will provide customized solutions to meet your individual needs.

Conference Call Bridges
Today's business use conference calling on a regular basis in order to conduct meetings with key business partners internally and externally. Common applications include client meetings ad/or sales presentations, project meetings/updates, regular team meetings, training classes and communications to employees who work in different locations. Conference calling is viewed as a primary means of cutting travel costs and allowing workers to be more productive by not having to go to out of office meetings. Conference calls are increasingly used in conjunction with web conferences where presentations or documents are shared via the Internet. If you ever thought these services were out of your budget or you use this type of service on a regular basis, let We Connect You and our partners provide you with the quality service you need at a price that fits your budget. Listed below are some of the outstanding services offered with this product:

No Monthly Fees
No Set-Up Fees
No Contracts or obligations or minimum monthly usage
If need be, you can be set-up for conference calling as quick as 30 minutes prior to the call.
Can offer in-house training to key employees and remote locations.
Can offer billing tracking by: Client, Name, Case number, Date and Time.

Web Conferencing
This can be set up over the telephone or on any PC computer.
Direct Web Presentation with Live Voice Connection...Live Events
Power Point/Excel/Word Doc...Presentation and Sales Training Option CD/Tapes or audio Files (ie...wav, mp3, rm, wma)
It only takes 10 minutes to apply and secure your company account...Call We Connect You to handle all your web conferencing needs.

Fax to Email Services
This service is convenient, economical and Eliminates lost faxes. It also reduces the possibility for hardware problems and ensures privacy for sensitive issues. In addition, you have the opportunity for your office to "Go Green" by reducing the amount of paper you use. This service provides a private fax number (local or 800 #) in which you can receive incoming faxes from anywhere you receive email. No more waiting at the fax machine or asking co-workers if anyone has seen a fax for you. Inquire today about inbound and outbound services that are available at a very competitive price.

Privacy: Sensitive information is as secure as your email. Nothing gets left on the fax machine.
Cost: You may be able to drop one or more dedicated fax lines. Print only what you need. This saves money on items such as toner, drums and paper.
Accessibility: Faxes are delivered to your email so you can get them anywhere.


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